Peg Stands

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Peg Stands
  • a versatile, clear acrylic four-peg stand
  • the rear pegs are twice as high as the front pegs so that any object being displayed can be put at any angle for best viewing
    • great for geodes, shells, mineral specimens, meteorites, tektites, fossils, wood carvings, belt buckles, art pieces, iPhones, small frames, coins, fly reels, small plates and dishes, models, hockey pucks, books, tools, cards, collectibles, or any other odd-shaped item
  • comes in four model sizes:
    • A1 Mini- 1.5 inches long x 1.5 inches wide
    • A2 Small- 2 inches long x 2 inches wide
    • A3 Medium- 2.5 inches long x 2.5 inches wide
    • A4 Large- 3 inches long x 3 inches wide
  • price is per the number of stands selected, based on model size


  • items featured on display in the listing photo are not included